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Manager’s Messages

Increased Security Measures at Vehicle Gates

There has been increased unauthorized entry with intruders following people through the vehicle gates. Do not walk through vehicle gates, use the designated pedestrian gates.

After entering the vehicle gates, wait until the gate completely closes to proceed to your parking spot, and report individuals that enter through the vehicle gate.

Community Care

For after-hour emergencies such as leaks or floods in your unit call the Action Community Care 24 hour line at (800) 400-2282 to assist, or to contact the General Manager.

Recycle and Trash Chute Clogs

We appreciate everyone who is diligent about their recycling habits and properly breaks down all of their boxes. For larger boxes or anything that could potentially clog the chutes, bring the items to the trash rooms for disposal.  For oversized items such as mattresses, tables, etc. our trash vendor can schedule a pick up at the resident expense. Contact Management for coordination of this service.

Cortez Hill Resident Group (CHARG)

Virtual Community Meeting

Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 10:00 A.M.

Join your neighbors to discuss issues in Cortez!

Guest Speakers:

  • Council President Pro Tem Stephen Whitburn
  • Officer Larry Turner, San Diego Police Department

Send questions in advance to CHARGBoard@googlegroups.com

Zoom Meeting:

Website: zoom.us.join

Meeting ID: 889 5859 0301

Passcode: 965656

Phone Option: (669) 900-6833

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