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Lobby Floor Cleanings and Waxing

The lobby floors will be deep cleaned and waxed on Wednesday June 22nd, 2022.

Please use an alternative route in the lobbies in the times indicated below.

First Avenue Lobby: Between 8:00am and 12:00pm

Front Street Lobby: Between 12:00pm and 4:00pm

In the Front Street Lobby Elevator/Stair access on MG southside will be blocked off during the hours indicated. Please use an alternative route.

Remove Doormats in Hallways of Units Without Coves

In Chapter 10 of the California Fire Code it prohibits obstructions that prevent evacuation in the event of a fire. Door mats can be a tripping hazard, they interfere with floor cleaning, and can be liability to the owners. Please remove your door mat if it is in the hallway, and if you do not have a cove entrance to your unit.

Call Boxes Not Functioning for Codes or Directory

The call boxes have malfunctioned and require service. The telephone service provider evaluated the problem and concluded that the issue is the wiring inside the building to the call box. A request for service with a vendor that can help address that problem has been made. Management is working to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Fobs will still work at all entrances. This problem does not affect the vehicle gates. Unfortunately building entry codes, and directory calls will not function until the problem can be addressed.

Thank you for your patience with this access issue.

Kitchen Sink Backups

To help avoid in-unit back-ups we’d like to remind you of proper usage of your garbage disposal and drainage system. A strainer should be used in your sink/s, and all food should be discarded in the trash.

Using strainers helps to prevent backups in your unit, and in units below you. Your kitchen sink drain line is connected to the units in a line below you. Food that goes down the drain can clog your sink, and cause sink overflows in the units below you by clogging the stack. Please cooperate together by using strainers to protect one another’s units.

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