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In Unit Water Shut-Offs

Each unit is equipped with two main water shut-off valves; hot and cold. In some units, the valves are located above the kitchen cabinets. In others, they’re located in the ceiling of the closet in the living room/dining room. Some key points to note:

  • The valves allow Owners to make plumbing repairs in the unit without having to shut off water to the entire building.
  • If they don’t work, a building water shut off is required to make repairs.
  • Owners/Renters should exercise the valves every 6 months to prevent them from locking in place. Exercising them is also good practice to prepare for emergency in unit leak events. If you are out of town it is a good idea to shut the water off in your unit.

Water Restored to All Buildings

The leak on the domestic water booster pump has been fixed. The water has been restored to all buildings.

Thank you for your patience with this building emergency.

Emergency Building Water Shut Down

Palermo Residents,

An emergency building wide water shut down is required immediately. There is a leak in the domestic water booster pump that requires immediate repairs. The repairs are estimated to take approximately 2 hours. We will update everyone as soon as the repairs are complete, and water is restored. Thank you for your understanding with this building emergency. 

Building Wide Shut Down 4/28/2021

There will be a building wide water shut down on Wednesday April 28th, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The booster pump that provides domestic water pressure to all units is being replaced.

A Helpful Tip: Fill water receptacles prior to the water shut down for use during the day. You can refill the tank of your toilet with water receptacles you fill prior to the shut down to continue using the restroom/s.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this building component replacement. 

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