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Manager’s Messages

Increased Security at Vehicle Gates

There has been increased unauthorized entry with intruders following people through the vehicle gates. Do not walk through vehicle gates, use the designated pedestrian gates.

After entering the vehicle gates, wait until the gate completely closes to proceed to your parking spot, and report individuals that enter through the vehicle gate.

Construction on Beech Street

Dear Piazza Palmero Owners and Residents;

Many of you have noticed the constructions taking place on Beech Street. The crew is replacing a gas line that services multiple buildings including Palermo. Unfortunately notice was not received from the City by Management. Management has spoken to the foreman in charge of the project to request a timeline. They estimate the heavy work to be finished on Friday February 19, 2021. The project will be completed by end of next week. During the replacing of the gas line services will not be interrupted. There is a traffic control that will assist you in getting access to the Beech St. Garage.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Have a great day,

Parking Enforcement

The City of San Diego will start enforcement of parking meters Monday, February 8th 2021.

Lighting LED Retrofit

We are in the process of a LED lighting retrofit. The hallway lights on the 5th, 4th, and 3rd floors have been completed. The 2nd floor lights are scheduled to be replaced Monday February 8th, 2021. There were compatibility issues with the ballasts and lights for the 6th floor. Compatible lights have been ordered and will be installed upon arrival.

An electrician vendor has been selected, and approved to begin the exterior LED lighting retrofit. This work is scheduled to begin Wednesday February 10th, 2021. Things are looking brighter at Palermo!

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