Building Water Shut Downs – Maintenance Tip

Posted By on April 28, 2022

Did you know that the majority of building water shut downs are for in unit replacements of main water shut off valves? To avoid these costly replacements in your unit exercise your main water shut offs biannually at a minimum. When you exercise them turn them ¼ turn and back to open, ½ turn then back to open, ¾ turn then back to open. Finally turn them all the way on and off 3 times slowly. Avoid turning them all the way on and off in one turn without exercising them with the steps noted above.

The main water shut offs are located above your kitchen cabinets, in the closet closest to your front door, or above your washing machine.

Water should be shut off in your unit if it will be vacant for more than 48 hours. Main water shut offs that work correctly can make it possible to have plumbing repairs done in your unit without building water shut downs.


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