Manager’s Messages

Main Line Drain Jetting-October

Drain jetting is tentatively scheduled week of October 21st. Parking spaces that have drains located either directly above or around the vicinity of the space(s) must be vacant for accessibility to the drains. A list of parking spaces that will be affected is posted on the bulletin by the gym. Unmoved vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Move Policy Revisions

The following are proposed changes to the move policy that will be on the agenda for the Board to adopt at the Board meeting on August 28th.

• Deposit required for move-outs only. Not required for move-ins. Owner/agent must submit the deposit for move-outs.

• Move fee increased from $150.00 to $175.00. Over time rates will remain at $35/hour.

Upcoming Building Maintenance-UPDATED

Boiler Replacements:
The boilers servicing buildings 2 & 3 will be replaced on July 24th and 25th. Day one will require shutdown of both hot and cold water in the entire building (all 230 units) between 8am and 5pm. Day two will only require shutdown of just hot water in building 3 between 8am and 5pm. Units in building 3 are listed on the bulletin by the gym.

An update will be sent to those on the email distribution list if water is restored sooner.

Annual Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Inspections & Fire Panel Upgrade:
The building’s fire panel is getting replaced with an upgraded model. The upgrade requires City approval. The City requires access in units for pre-inspection and final inspection. In addition, the fire marshal is strictly enforcing fire codes that mandate inspection of the fire sprinkler heads and audible devices in units. This is planned for July. Click here for details including dates that unit access is required.

Owners: Condo Insurance Requirement

A friendly reminder that owners are required to carry individual insurance for the unit in accordance with section 11.3 of the CC&Rs. This is separate from the master policy that the Association has in place. Please provide a copy of the certificate of insurance for the Association’s master policy and a copy of the CC&Rs to your carrier to recommend appropriate coverage to you. These documents are accessible to owners on the resident portal. Owners are required to produce proof of insurance upon request by the Association.

Fob Registration (DEADLINE TO REGISTER 5/10/19)

The building access system is being replaced with a new updated system. Fobs do not need to be replaced; however, all fobs must be scanned in to the new system for it to work when the system goes live. A fob reader for the new system is installed at the billiard room only. The billiard room is in the SW side of the building on level 1.

Please swipe/scan every fob in your possession at the billiard room fob reader by May 10th. It will beep but will not unlock the billiard room door until the vendor enters your fob ID into the system. An email confirming receipt of your swipe/scan will be sent to you within 3-5 business days of the scan date. If you are unable to scan your fob by the 10th, please schedule an appointment with Management to manually register your fob. The new system will go live week of May 13th.


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