Manager’s Messages

Lobby Floor Cleanings and Waxing

The lobby floors will be deep cleaned and waxed on Wednesday June 22nd, 2022. Please use an alternative route in the lobbies in the times indicated below. First Avenue...

Remove Doormats in Hallways of Units Without Coves

In Chapter 10 of the California Fire Code it prohibits obstructions that prevent evacuation in the event of a fire. Door mats can be a tripping hazard, they interfere...

Call Boxes Not Functioning for Codes or Directory

The call boxes have malfunctioned and require service. The telephone service provider evaluated the problem and concluded that the issue is the wiring inside the building to the call...

Kitchen Sink Backups

To help avoid in-unit back-ups we’d like to remind you of proper usage of your garbage disposal and drainage system. A strainer should be used in your sink/s, and...

Annual Meeting – Election of Board Members

The Annual Meeting of the Membership took place on May 19, 2022. There were three (3) Board seats up for election in this meeting. The results of the elections...

Action Required – More Ballots For Board Election Are Needed to Hold Annual Meeting

This is a friendly reminder for Owners to mail in, or drop off your ballot for the upcoming Board election on May 19, 2022. As of 5/13/2022, 42 ballots...

Building Water Shut Downs – Maintenance Tip

Did you know that the majority of building water shut downs are for in unit replacements of main water shut off valves? To avoid these costly replacements in your...

Water Shut Down – Building One 4/26/2022

Please be advised that a full water shut down is required for Building 1 on Tuesday, April 26, 2022. The water is expected to be shut off from 10:00...

New Building Engineer at Palermo

Please give a John the new Building Engineer a warm welcome when you see him around the building.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Summer is approaching and now is the best time to service your HVAC unit before the busy season arrives for vendors. Preventative maintenance can save you money and help...


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